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Bulk Solids Handling

Material Handling and Controls, Inc. represents and distributes dry solids handling, processing, and packaging equipment to many industries in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. They include, but are not limited to, the aggregate, agricultural, aluminum, bio-diesel, carbon black, coal, coffee, cement, chemical, ethanol, fly ash, food, glass, grain, gypsum, paper, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, rice, rubber, snack food, wheat, wood products, textile and utilities (including gas, power and water) industries.

Engineering Services

MHC-CMI, Inc. has a collaborative engineering team who can create the best possible solution for your application challenge. Our design team starts by getting a clear understanding of your technical requirements, timeline, and price point. Site visits with your operations team, engineers, technical buyers, and management are mandatory for grasping every complexity of your unique needs and parameters. We work with our customers and our principals to shape the desired solution. Our engineers then collaborate with our manufacturing experts to create the product that satisfies your requirements.

Instrumentation and Controls

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