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Engineering Services

Digital Safety Multimeter

image of Digital Safety Multimeter

Material Handling and Controls, Inc. has a collaborative engineering team of experts who can create the best possible solution for your application challenge.

One of the best examples of our engineering capabilities was the development of a Digital Safety Multimeter for a major oil field service company. In this application our team engineered a custom multimeter that enabled our customer to check the continuity and capacitance of a detonator circuit, protected by an intrinsically safe barrier, before the customer sends the explosives downhole. The challenge was to overcome the "knee" of the barrier to measure the circuit on the other side of the barrier, and to minimize the current to just 20 mADC or less generated by the meter in any condition - even failure. We also provided triple redundant protection to insure that the meter does not generate more than 20 mADC in any failure mode. In addition to these special features, it also had to operate as a fully functional multimeter.

Our design team starts by getting a clear understanding of your technical requirements, timeline, and price point. Direct dialog in real time is key. Site visits with your operations team, engineers, technical buyers, and management are mandatory for grasping every complexity of your unique needs and parameters. Together, we work to shape the desired solution. Our engineers then collaborate with our manufacturing experts to create the product that solves your application challenge. Only after you declare all specifications satisfied do we move, where requested, into final and/or fullscale production.

Catalyst Tube Pressure Testing

image of project

MHC-CMI worked with a refinery service company to develop a method of pressure testing the catalyst tubes in the bottom of a reactor during the re-charging process. The tube bundle can contain several thousand tubes and each must be tested to insure that it is properly packed.

Working with one of our data logger manufacturers, we were able to develop an automated logging system that allowed the operator to move a pressure transducer from tube to tube, quickly recording a pressure reading and advancing the tube number displayed.

The time required for test cycle was substantially reduced , increasing productivity for the service company and reducing down time for the refinery.

Pressure Test Kit

image of DC6K in portable case with quick disconnect inputs for 4 pressure transducers

MHC-CMI was approached by several pipe fabricators and hydraulic skid integrators to supply a pressure test kit suitable for monitoring and recording static pressure for a fixed time interval.

The fabricators are required to furnish test data to their customers to meet various ISO 9000 and other quality assurance requirements. Combining a Monarch paperless recorder with up to six pressure transmitters covering a variety of ranges in a compact portable case allows the required parameters to be easily monitored, recorded and reproduced as part of a QC package.

Load Cell Summing Transmitter

image of Summing Transmitter

An oilfield service company was developing a new process measurement for use at the well head of a drilling rig. The plan was to use 4 load cells in push-pull mode, one at each corner of the apparatus.

They needed an electronic unit that would sum the output of the four load cells and produce a 4 - 20 mA output. The transmitter and associated cabling needed to withstand the rigors of a working drilling rig.

The prototype was delivered to the field in two weeks.