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Material Handling and Controls, Inc. has a long and rich history of working with our customers to continue the life of their instruments, repackage their instruments, and design and manufacturer new instruments.

Redesign: We have the capability to take older designs (perhaps with obsolete, long lead time or unstable parts) and redesign the instrument to perform the same functions using more modern, stable, readily available and economical parts. While there is some initial engineering expense, it is possible to save money by using more readily available and smaller parts.

Repackaging: Sometimes, as part of the redesign, we can take an instrument that has that 1980's look and bring it up to date. We can also solve other problems such as water intrusion, internal condensation, problems caused by shock and vibration, current density, or improper shielding.

Our repackaging capability extends from custom modified NEMA 4X enclosures to hazardous area designs (including purged enclosures). We take pride in producing a finished product that not only functions well but also looks outstanding.

Design for Hazardous Areas: When the application requires operation in hazardous areas, we can take products through the testing and approval phase for certification through ATEX, CSA, CE, UL, or other agencies.